Corporate Compliance

SecureRights constantly monitors the leads industry to ensure consumer rights are protected. If at any moment a SecureRights participating Web site is found to be non-compliant, industry authorities will be immediately alerted, federal laws will be enforced and all transactions and associated accounts will be instantly frozen.

SecureRights does not lend its licenses to third parties. When you see a SecureRights seal, SecureRights is authorizing a web site to collect data for the secure transfer to SecureRights. Any other use of this data is subject to the terms of third party privacy policies. SecureRights does not authorize any third party to promote or sell data to businesses under the protection of the SecureRights brand.

There are several federal agencies and laws that dictate how Consumer Rights must be protected. It is essential to your business to always be aware of the laws and compliance requirements when soliciting consumers for their business.

Below is a sample listing of state and federal information regarding compliance.

Do Not Call

To find out the latest information regarding recent “Do Not Call” regulations and to ensure your compliance, click here

Protecting Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (Spam)

California's anti-spam law: Business and Professions Code Section 17529: click here

Rules from the Federal Trade Commission: click here

Information from the Federal Trade Commission regarding business compliance: click here

Privacy Online

To find out the latest information regarding federal privacy policies and what they should include.
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